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Shuji Yanase


 Title: “Disclosure System” in the “Lectures on Japanese Securities Regulation”
Publication Date: 1980
Publisher: Japan Securities Research Institute
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Lecture and Speech

  •  Seminar for approximately twenty scholars of foreign countries regarding “Disclosure System in Japan” for the comparative law studies undertaken by the Securities and Economic Research Institute of the Pennsylvania Law School (1980)
  • “Rise of Large Japanese Law Firms and Legal Practice in Japan” at Columbia Law School and Chicago Law School (both in November 2002)
  • “Business Negotiations in International Arena” at Duke Law School (September 2002) and at Chicago Law School (October 2004) and, in the Japanese language, at the Keio University Law School in Tokyo (July 2005)
  • “Prevention and Resolution of Disputes in International Business Activities” (in Japanese language) at the Keio University Law School in Tokyo (July 2004 and January 2007)
  • “Matters to be Considered in Preparation of Arbitral Awards”, ”Role of Arbitrators” and “Responsibilities of Arbitrators and their Expectations to Parties’ Counsel” (all in the Japanese language) at the Sophia University Law School in Tokyo (February 2005)
  • “Dispute Resolution Clauses in Bilateral Investment Treaties of Japan” delivered in Japanese language to the ADR Study Group of Nagashima Ohno and Tsunematsu (June 2006)
  • “The Future of U.S. – Japan Relationship” at Columbia Law School (November 2006)
  • “Establishment and Proposal of the Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group” (in Japanese language) at the 15th NIRA (National Institute for Research Advancement) Policy Forum (April 2007)
  • “Lawyers in Globalization” at Columbia Law School (November 2007)
  • “Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group” at Columbia Law School (November 2007) and at Duke Law School (March 2008)
  • “Activities of the Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group” (in Japanese language) at the Waseda University in Tokyo (January 2008)
  • “Legal Services to be Rendered in Anticipation of Future Disputes” (in Japanese language) at the Sophia Law School in Tokyo (February 2008)
  • “ADR Systems in EU and Asia – To Improve ADR Practice in Japan” (in Japanese)  in collaboration with Professor Yasunobu Sato of the University of Tokyo, to members of the Operating Committee of the Dispute Resolution Center of the Tokyo Bar Association (May 2008)
  • “Criteria for Judgment in Resolution of Disputes in Financial ADR” (in Japanese) at the Financial Facsimile Journal in Tokyo (November 2010)
  • “Broader Classification of Concerns to be Solved Behind the Regulations or Practices in Bond Market”, Asian Bond Market Forum (ABMF), Manila Meeting Presentation (2010)