Report on Events in 2017 / 昨年のできごと

A belated report on some events in 2017 follows:

In January 2017 I became Advisor of the Forest Breeze Law Offices in Nihonbashi Ningyocho,Tokyo. In February I became an Advisor of T&K Law Offices.
In June I retired from Chairman & Representative Director of OK Corporation in Tokyo and became a Director (part-time) of the same corporation.
During the same month of June, I participated in the 2017 Reunion of the Columbia Law School, for which I served as a member of the Reunion Committee for the Class of 1972.
In July I assumed the one-year duty of Secretary of the Tokyo Ebisu Rotary Club.

同じく6月、ニューヨークへ出張して Columbia Law School の 2017 Reunion に参加し、1972年卒クラスの Reunion Committee のメンバーを勤めました。

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